30 October 2008

Stick Figures in Obammercial

Much to the dismay of what must be the millions of Gary Unmarried fans, their Wednesday night was disrupted by what is known as an Obammercial. 
Replacing the comedic genius of a recently single painting contractor and his controlling ex-wife, was Obama making his case for change and introducing a microcosm of America. 
The campaign ad lasted 30 minutes, which is approximately the same amount of time most music executives give Joe Wurzelbacher's music career. 
A very generous bunch, those music execs. I wouldn't give my dwindling 401K that Joe the Unlicensed Plumber can strum a guitar any longer than he would plunge my toilet before calling a real plumber to do the job.     

The omnipresent ad, airing on seven network and cable stations, was unarguably well-produced and did what it set out to do- it reinforced to the remaining undecided dentally-challenged voters residing in the square states that Obama is not one of those scary black people. Or Muslim. Or Socialist. Or whatever they're calling him this week. Nearly 34 million viewers can now confirm that Obama really is American and perfectly capable of running the country.  

But as I watched, something struck me.   Something very strange.

A mom was filling up her gas tank, and as Obama's voice-over explained that her family was most important to her, I thought...

Does she really have stick figures of them on her SUV???

I am trying to feel sorry for this woman who really does have an unfortunate tale to tell but I can't because she's made a comedy out of her life.  

This is just not what I am supposed to be feeling for her.  
Why does she have that on her car and why does she have to show us? 
I am sorry for her hard times and I know she has a lot to deal with but- Please!!!  Stick figures!!! 

I was just glad I had tivo'ed it and I could fast forward past mom Rebecca Johnston and onto the next unfortunate American story- one I could sympathize with... a story that wasn't made into a cartoon with Stick Figures!!! 

Next time you make the case for compassion for your family, Mom Rebecca Johnston, please leave the animated characters out of it, and, if at all possible, off your vehicle. It would have let the empathy flow a little sooner and allowed me to enjoy what was, as a whole, a commendable piece of television.  

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