05 November 2008

Kicking the Opponents' Pantsuits

Barack Obama was elected the 44th President of the United States Tuesday night, marking the beginning of a new era for the country, for the world and for the generations that follow. 
But it also stamps an end to a campaign that thrilled us with its intrigue, its characters, its different take on the issues. And hidden amongst all the political infighting, the backstabbing, the name-calling, the policy switching, there has been an interest in FASHION bigger than any has seen since Jackie O. 

Admit it. However you may admire Hillary, we were oh! so tired of seeing the same old pantsuits climbing up to the podium in different colors day after day. 

Then, Sarah Palin burst on the scene like a Wild Iris. Her sharp fitted suits did not come from DC, No Way! 

She was smartly dressed -even before the makeover. The Japanese designer Kazuo Kawasaki who made her Eyeglasses couldn't keep the $400.00 frames in stock. But, things will probably slow down for him now... 

And chances are we haven't seen the last of Sarah. 
She kept up good pace-even in 4" red heels. She's got plenty of race left in her. 

While her husband was clinching the Democratic nomination, Michelle Obama had been staking her claim in the Style Section of every major glossy. 

Her Mario Pinta purple sheath dress with the Azzedine Alaia belt screamed-in a
classic American way- how sure she was that her husband was going all the way to the White House and she would look good right beside him.

Michelle's fashion tips drove American moms wild, admitting to Jay Leno that she catalogs it at J.Crew- making them feel that it was ok that they were doing it too.

But Michelle O really shocked and awed 'em when she went on The View wearing a $148 dress!  
The Donna Ricco black & white print became an overnight sellout and the price tag she was later commended for especially when... well, you know all about Sarah Palin's Receiptgate.

Michelle Obama topped Vanity Fair's Best Dressed of 2008- proving you do not need to expense $150,000 worth of Neiman Marcus receipts to Kick the Opponents' Pantsuits!

As always, celebrities need to get in the act. Elizabeth Hasselbeck, Sarah Palin's new BFF and Aspiring Project Runway Reject designed a "Great Ameri-McCain Hero" t-shirt that she wore on The View.  

Yet even more stars were billboards for the winning team. 
Halle Berry, Beyonce and Alicia Keys all sported Barack T's.

And Fashion Designers seamed some Couture for Change.
 Vera Wang, Zac Posen, Tracy Reese, Derek Lam, Marc Jacobs, Proenza Schouler and others designed merch for the official Obama
website. Like this
Russell Simmons t-shirt 
and Marc Jacobs tote. Too bad Joe the Plumber isn't creative. 

So whatever lies ahead politically, I have a feeling it will be fashion forward for the next four years!

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