05 December 2008

Advent Blog Day 20

The other day my friend C and I went shopping for an advent calendar. You know, a surprise-a-day countdown to Christmas where each day you open a window and get a chocolate or see a snowy scene. We couldn't find one we liked- they were either too childish or too religious or the chocolate was crappy. So I decided that I would turn this into an Advent Blog instead. 
Starting today, I will post a Xmas scene or snow scene or Xmas saying or anti-Xmas saying to count down the days to the Big One.

Day 20 
Drunken Santa by London Stencil Artist Arofish
This guy's great. You can see more of his work at www.arofish.org.uk. 
He's walking in the footsteps of Banksey, an artist I appreciated when I lived in Shoreditch, England and would stumble upon his art on the street. 
You can see some of Banksy's stuff at www.artofthestate.co.uk/banksy/banksy.htm Ho! Bloody Ho!

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