07 February 2009

Death Stamp

As if more proof was needed that the Economy sucks, The Post Office is now threatening to cut its service back to 5 days a week.
In honor of the tragedy, and as one of the few left that still use the USPS, I searched out the coolest stamp its ever issued. I'd say this one blows away the Elvis commemoratives.
It was issued in 1998, honoring the 1906 Pure Food and Drug Act.
The image is from a proprietary tax stamp for, Hunt's Remedy. It shows Hunts killing Death, thus proving how effective the product is. (This Hunts must be a medicine- not tomato sauce.)
Tax stamps were placed on the bottle by its manufacturer to show that a tax had been paid, and were often used as mini advertisements- much like pop-ups on websites.
Hunt's Remedy was one of thousands of such products flooding the U.S. market at the time the 1906 Pure Food and Drugs Act was passed.

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