13 March 2009

What is Ugly?

Does "Ugly" exist? It is, as is beauty, in the eye of the beholder. It is a perception; a theory in one's mind. One's mind. Not necessarily in yours or mine. There are those that can see beauty in anything. Buddhists see the beauty of life in an Earthworm. So I ask, What is Ugly?  "Ugly" is defined in Webster's dictionary as follows: 
ugly |ˈəglē|adjective ( -lier -liest )unpleasant or repulsive, esp. in appearance she thought she was ugly and fatthe ugly sound of a fire alarm [as n. ( the ugly) he instinctively shrinks from the ugly.• (of a situation or mood) involving or likely to involve violence or other unpleasantness the mood in the room turned ugly.• unpleasantly suggestive; causing disquiet ugly rumors persisted that there had been a cover-up.• morally repugnant racism and its most ugly manifestations, racial attacks and harassment.
I searched the term on the internet and these are a few images that came up (from the 240,875 images on flickr). You won't agree with the 'Ugliness" of all, if any.  Which makes me think 'Does Ugly exist?"

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