19 June 2009

Williamsburg Hosts Sport of Warlocks

Some of you requested pictures of the Harry Potter Quidditch game in Williamsburg that took place in June. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend but found some photos online. Sorry to say, there were no flying broomsticks.

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It's the game popular with Wizards, and recently just as real. But the imaginary sport of Quidditch may be crossing into the world of mere mortals.
This weekend MTV is hosting (and of course, shooting) a tournament in McCarren Park in Brooklyn. If you, unlike me, have actually read any of the Harry Potter books, then you know that those blessed with magical powers play this game on broomsticks.
However not even with their bottomless trust funds, can the bearded trendy Brooklynites buy one of those flying house sweepers. So the question is, how can Billyburgers retain their eternal hipsterhood if forced to run around a field clumsily attempting to hold a broom between their legs? Will their general earthlingness be exposed?
The answer to these questions and the general spectacle of idiocy will be revealed between 12-6pm this Saturday June 20th. Take the Mystical L train west and don't forget your magic wand and Warlock hat.

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