12 August 2009

Dolled Up Dream Hotel

In the strangest of celebrity romances, uber-designer Jonathan Adler has hooked up with Barbie. Yes the doll. This September the relationship will be confirmed as he launches his "Jonathan Adler Loves Barbie" collection. (No comment yet from either Ken or Simon Doonan.) The doll will be going for $49.95 retail.
Before you think, "what did Barbie have to do for that custom Adler lamp?", the couple claim their romance is real. Sparks flew between Barbie and Adler recently when Adler brought his interior design genius to the Las Vegas Palms and created a hotel suite fit for his iconic princess. As you would believe, Barbie's room is full of bubblegum pink and fabulous Jonathan Adler style.
The room will burn a $4,000 /night hole in your pocket. But when you see these pink poodles flanking the fireplace your thoughts will immediately stray from your wallet. And you can be assured Barbie is not bringing Ken here. That guy cannot design like this!
Proving his love, Adler designed this amazing sunburst mirror out of 65 Black & White Bathing Suit Barbies - reproductions of the 1959 classic. Barbie's a lucky girl.
The only thing this hotel room DOESN"T HAVE is this Barbie Fussball table created by French Designer Chloe Ruchon. It showed at the Berlin Design Show 2009.
And I feel it is definitely deserving of the Palms.
With or without the footie-game, Jonathan Adler has hit it out of the park with his new muse.

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