11 September 2009

Pandemic in Glass

The outbreak of Swine Flu has focused our attention once again on the global impact of a virus. Fearing another epidemic like Smallpox, which killed nearly 500 million before being wiped out in the 1970s, scientists are scurrying for any way to contain today's most fearful infections. There's nothing like a possible pandemic that pulls the medical and scientific communities together.
Artist Luke Jerram explores the virus in its intrinsic beauty in contrast to its devastating impact on humanity. Interested in the artificial coloring of the virus by microbiologists, and how that may skew people's perceptions of the disease, he designed biological models of the virus out of glass. Pure, uncolored and 3-dimensional, these sculptures allow the viewer to more clearly see the effect of our scientific understanding of these plagues.
To read more follow this link to www.lukejerram.com/projects/glass_microbiology

swine flu


e Coli

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