17 March 2010

McFashion Food

Corporations constantly vie to attract new consumers to their brand. Sometimes this means stepping out of their established box to force the customer to view them in a completely new way. This is risky but if successful, could propel their brand to higher esteem and of course, profits.
McDonalds will be experimenting in new ways to change the consumers' way of thinking about their food products. The creative genius of Access Agency will spin the brand into a high-fashion direction.
In the fashion tents of Milan, New York, London and Paris Fashion Weeks, the stylearatti will be dining at "McFancy".
McFashionistas can get their usual McDonalds fare in extraordinary packaging co-created by the fashion labels themselves and of course, served to them by waiters in tuxedos. Private dining areas will fool the eaters into thinking they're not eating fast food.
Wouldn't you just love a Paul Smith Sundae with your Burberry Burger (or Burgberry)...
...and do you want Gucci Fries with that?
Of course!


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