09 April 2010

Try to Make me go to Legoland, I say No No No!

Lego's created an official Amy Winehouse Doll to celebrate their 30th Anniversary. They made other celeb-legos too, like Madonna and David Beckham, all of which are not available to the public. So what's the point?
Anyway, regular fans did a better job if you asked me.
Artist: Justin Ramsden
Artist: Craig Stevens, posing with his full-size doll. Wonder what he does with that at home.
Artist: Unknown. But they made the crackpipe look too much like a cigarette.

Cuckoo for Coconuts

Squirrels eating coconuts.

Bridge in Troubled Water

Let's pretend you run a county in a southern state. In this county there's a bridge. You had to close the bridge last year because, like much of American infrastructure, it was unsafe. To fix it will cost $48 million. Outrageous. So, you decide to tear it down - but that will still cost you $13 million... which you don't have. So what do you do? Call Hollywood of course.
Florida's Pinellas County Commissioner John Morroni has appealed to production houses for the chance to blow up the Friendship Trail bridge.

The idea is not so crazy especially for this county. In 1991, they received $50,000 from the producers of Lethal Weapon 3 for the rights to film the old city hall being torn down.

Death Becomes Her... Hat

When you're driving down a country lane and spot an animal who's life was cut short by a human driving, you most likely cringe. But roadkill is inspiration for British designer James Faulkner, who creates amazing hats from the feathers and fur of roadside slaughter.
In what is an extreme project in recycling, he resurrects the animals who saw a natural yet untimely death, into couture that will be exhibited May 14 at Edinburgh's Telford College.
"It sounds very sinister, but I find it very satisfying to make something beautiful from something gruesome," says the artist who just finished his milliners course.
Rather than spending all his time driving around the backroads of Britain, Faulkner requests the feathers that would normally be waste from butchers and restaurants in order to create his to-die-for hats.

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