27 May 2010

Soccer Fashion Doesn't Score

Citizens of all countries but ours are afrenzy with the upcoming FIFA World Cup. Who is playing? Who knows. When is it? Sometime in June. Americans may get excited- maybe, but probably not- by the fashion coinciding with the Football games.
Ralph Lauren's Netherlands T-shirt looks pretty cool and is in this season's black- Orange. Don't know if Netherlands is playing but the shirt is $68 at Matchesfashion.com
The Havianas Flip Flops come in most team colors. Here are Brazil and Argentina I think. $22 each pair.
Designers Y-3 paid homage to FIFA with their sporty collection for Spring 2010.
But maybe us Americans will just look forward to Sex and the City 2 for our fashion fix.

Greek Frogs Attempt their Own Kind Of Road Kill

As if Greece isn't having enough problems. First their economy crashes and now their frogs are causing cars to crash. Thousands of small amphibians carpeted a major highway yesterday -making three cars skid off the road. No human injuries were reported but they are still investigating the damage to the frogs.
Here is what Greek frogs look like:

And here is not so exciting video of them hopping in the road and some Greek People talking about it.

Shaolin Bear

A black bear named Cloud channels his inner Bruce Lee and shows off his Kung Fu moves. Wait 29 seconds into the video to see him go at it with a staff.
Cloud lives at the zoo in Hiroshima.

10 May 2010

1,000 Words

Time.com's picture of the day.
Indigenous people wearing traditional costumes cast their votes at a polling center in Baguio City, north of Manila in the Philippines.

01 May 2010

This week saw the passing of a man that has touched us practically every day- a few times a day- for years. Leslie Buck, the designer of the omnipresent blue Anthora Coffee cup died at the age of 87.
Buck had no formal art training but rather was Director of Marketing for the Sherri Cup Company at the time. He made no royalties off the design but as sales of the cups grew, so did his profits.

Ceramic versions of the cup are now available. Try www.modlivin.com . Spend the $38.00 in memory of the man who thought of you drinking your morning cup even if you never gave him a thought.
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