29 September 2010

BYOB- Just the Bottle

Some of the best wine I drank in France came from the supermarket. But I have never seen this. It's a wine vending machine. Bring your own container. Fill and Imbibe whilst cutting down on your carbon footprint.

Opinions Banked

British bank Barclays PLC spent $39 million to sponsor London's public bike-rental program. They planted their logo on the bikes. Then they woke up to find someone had affixed a special message above their logo. The anger toward the banking industry is still alive in England.

28 September 2010

Surf Shots

Photos of surfers by Joni Sternbach

27 September 2010

Mad Man

Rumor has it that Mad MAN Mel Gibson is in talks with Mad MEN Creator Matthew Weiner about a possible recurring role on the series' next season.
Seems like a good match, Matthew Weiner is Jewish. Mel rants about Jews.

Wax On Wax off

No Doubt this is the cutest wax statue at the Venetian Hotel's Madame Tussaud's in Las Vegas.
Gwen Stefani is not Just a Girl- She's a wax figure!

10 September 2010

Found! Radiator cover

After needing one for 4 years, I found a radiator cover on the street yesterday!
What my radiator looked like before:

07 September 2010

02 September 2010

Crocodile Rocks in your Home

Wow! Mockodile counters and walls made of Quartz! How rad! Caesarstone makes these textured quartz surfaces that take the bland out of any home. They do show this on a wall, which is odd. Maybe it's because a textured surface on the counter would be very impractical to clean. But I love it! They also make a lace pattern in white.

01 September 2010

Paint Tip

DIY tip of the Day:
Store leftover wall paint in old, cleaned-out glass sauce jars. The paint stays fresh for years- unlike in paint can where it dries up. And it takes up less space.
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