11 August 2011

Skullful Art

Alastair Mackie is yet another London artist to use taxidermy in the most fascinating art. This "painting is actually comprised of Hornets pinned in tight rows (see right).
This orb is made from mouse skulls digested by barn owls.
Any indigestible parts of an owl's prey is regurgitated as a compressed pellet. From these pellets, the skulls are extracted and a sculpture is born.

10 August 2011

Death and Filmmaking

Suicide... or a Movie? How about both? A study has found depictions of Suicides has tripled in movies from 1950-2006.
Without a doubt the topic is one of the most dramatic ways to propel a turning point in the story. The character can go no lower- all is lost. What better way to show it?
Some of the greatest scenes in film history are those that capture this state of mind.

Wes Anderson's "The Royal Tenenbaums" displays a wrist-slicing by Richie Tenenbaum who cannot deal with the rejection of his stepsister and overall feeling of failure.

The hanging scene of an ex-con who found the outside world too lonely after his release in "The Shawshank Redemption" was similarly disturbing.

However the subject of Self-death has been brilliantly represented in comedies like John Cusack's consistent failure of it in "Better Off Dead".

As well as the successful homicidal ones Christian Slater and Winona Ryder pulled off to make Suicide a craze in their high school.

06 July 2011

How to Build a Zombie Proof House

When the Brain-Eating Walking Dead take over the Earth, you will want to keep your Grey Matter safe. Design firm KWK Promes has built the perfect residence to hide out from Zombies. Here's how you can keep your family's flesh intact.
1. This house has a Pool which is a good idea as Zombies can't swim. However, a Moat will be much more effective.
2. Movable walls that will confuse Zombies' sense of direction.
2. Make sure there is only one entrance. This one is located on the second floor after crossing a drawbridge. A drawbridge is a great way to keep the Living Dead off the premises. Just make sure its drawn up when they arrive.
3. Steel shutters. Zombies do like to watch.
4. The house in Red Alert mode. It folds in upon itself to become completely sealed with concrete slabs over windows.
Be prepared and be safe!

20 May 2011

The End is Near


Finally our government is taking the threat of a Zombie Invasion seriously. The CDC website posted a Zombie Survival plan Wednesday causing the site to crash with citizens who need to know.

15 May 2011

Sea and See

To promote awareness of the diminishing reef, an underwater Sculpture Museum was built in the waters of Cancun. More than 400 human clay sculptures adorn the sea floor near the Manchones Reef.
By luring divers to this area, it will give the reef time to recuperate from hurricane damage, increase fish populations and promote the growth of new reef.

10 May 2011

Prison Break Peacock

A Peacock escaped from the Bronx Zoo and is on the loose. It has been spotted on Morris Avenue and at a subway station and all attempts to net it have failed.
Apparently, the peacock has found an iPhone and has been leaving Tweets for Zoo Staff. @bronxzoopeacock tweeted: Slipped out~ Making my way to Wash Heights.'

I have to agrees with one Bronx resident who was quoted as saying: "Somebody is going to steal it and keep it as a pet. It's the Bronx, man."

04 May 2011

Sea Change of Death

At this moment, sharks are feasting on what was once The World's Most Dangerous Terrorist Leader, Osama Bin Laden. At sea is a very respectable way to be buried and OBL is in good company with others who chose Water as the last element their soul-cases would feel.
Janis Joplin. The hippy with the Killer Voice.
The Alien-King of Scientology, L.Ron Hubbard.

Horror Master Vincent Price.
Two of the coolest Actors Robert Mitchum.
And Steve McQueen.
President John F. Kennedy and it's not a party until Dana Plato from Diff'rent Strokes is in the house!
Her ashes were scattered in the Pacific in 1999 after a drug OD Suicide.

26 April 2011

Art and Superheroes

Kids as superheroes- their imaginations the backdrop.
Nature against the urban world.

The work is by Los Angeles-based Artist Sage Vaughn who is opening a solo show in London at Lazarides Gallery titled Children of a Lesser God on May 6, 2011.

03 March 2011

White (Natural) History Month

Albino animals from Museums of Natural Histories around the country.
Blue Jay:

02 March 2011

How to Speak Italian Fashion

What we learned from Milan, the Fall 2011 edition.
1. The snake is out of the bag (for Gucci and Prada)
2. Girls get Back in Black Lace (if it's from Bottega Venetta and Dolce & Gabbana)
3. No one's scared of PETA anymore. (esp. not Fendi and Gucci)
4. All the Drugs in the world can not make you forget the 60's . Ever. ( Missoni and Prada make sure of it).
5. Color is Blind Side-ing (Jil Sander, Gucci and Alberta Ferretti)

Sex and the Country

The curtain has closed on Milan fashion week and the best collection was by far DSquared2. Their cowboy inspired looks were spectacular enough even for their most famous fans (try: Christina, Justin, Fergie, and Rihanna). They sexify the LL Bean outdoorswoman to perfection. Makes me want to go camping.

See the video footage of DSquared2 and all of Milan, NY and Paris at:

12 January 2011

Ceramic Gore

UK Artist Jessica Harrison creates macabre imagery from damaged ceramic ladies she finds online.
The extravagant poses of the female ceramics makes the exhibition of their insides more interesting.
Jessica says she chooses the women because "It is traditionally and consistently the male figure that has been used to describe the anatomy of the human body. In my sculptures the female insides are as visceral and intestinal and as real and gory as their male counterparts."
Check out more of Jessica Harrison's work at jessicaharrison.co.uk
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