06 July 2011

How to Build a Zombie Proof House

When the Brain-Eating Walking Dead take over the Earth, you will want to keep your Grey Matter safe. Design firm KWK Promes has built the perfect residence to hide out from Zombies. Here's how you can keep your family's flesh intact.
1. This house has a Pool which is a good idea as Zombies can't swim. However, a Moat will be much more effective.
2. Movable walls that will confuse Zombies' sense of direction.
2. Make sure there is only one entrance. This one is located on the second floor after crossing a drawbridge. A drawbridge is a great way to keep the Living Dead off the premises. Just make sure its drawn up when they arrive.
3. Steel shutters. Zombies do like to watch.
4. The house in Red Alert mode. It folds in upon itself to become completely sealed with concrete slabs over windows.
Be prepared and be safe!

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