17 December 2013

Saying "Hello" in Chinese

Before you kick someone's ass with your super solid Shaolin kicks, you must uphold polite convention and greet your loser.

In Wushu Kung Fu you do that by covering your clenched right fist with your open palm left. It's called the "Bao Quan".

Today, your Master will tell you it means "People in the 5 lakes and 4 seas are all brothers".  And he's right.  But know that during the Qing Dynasty this greeting used to mean "Destroy Qing, Restore Ming" when many Grasshoppers fought agains the ruling family.

The Bao Quan also represents Attack -the Right Fist (or You) and Defense- The Palm (or Your opponent).  Aah.  Balance.  I knew it'd be in there somewhere.

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