20 August 2014

Don't Drink and Segway

A man was arrested for drunk driving in Oslo after several witnesses reported him for "strange behavior" as he struggled to balance on his Segway.  

Yes his Segway.  That mode of transportation for the annoying, ridiculous, lazy, and now, Drunk.    

This is the first arrest in Norway of this kind and Finn Erik Groenliveien - head of Oslo traffic police says "These are treated like any other vehicle when it comes to the limit on blood alcohol."

But Norway's classification of the standing-electronic-wheelchair-almost-thing is not the same as in Minnesota- where  Mark Greenman was charged with drunken driving last February after riding his Segway from a bar to his Medina home and failing a field sobriety test.  

He's standing free-foot for his mugshot.

According to courts there,  Greenman's Segway doesn't meet the definition of a motor vehicle under that state's drunken driving laws.

Maybe a Universal Definition of this means of conveyance is needed.  Or else, Norwegians can just come to the US for some good old drinking and segwaying. 

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