25 August 2014

There Are No Facts, Only Interpretations.

There are no facts, only interpretations.

from Nietzsche's Nachlass, A. Danto translation

I'm hoping to study and understand Nietzsche's philosophy. Nietzsche was a 19th Century German philosopher and an important forerunner of the Existentialism movement. Looking at some of his quotes and trying to find the meaning in them is my plan for the next string of blog posts.  

Of course this will be the most basic of interpretations as I have no freaking clue about anything.  If my brain feels like it will explode then I can always do a perspective on the fashion styles of philosophers through history. 

There are no facts, only interpretations.

What I believe he is saying here is that facts are actually the subjective result of information.  The only thing that is true about them is how you interpret them.   The interpretation of the word is reliant on the one observing. 

To Nietzsche, it is much less important whether we understand how the world works and more important to develop an interpretation of what works for us.  Individualism is key. 

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