02 March 2015

I Do Like Them, Sam-I-am

Dr Suess is of course, your favorite children's book author.  But before he made your childhood nighttime magic with repeated readings of "Cat in the Hat" and "Green Eggs and Ham, he was an ad agency illustrator.  In honor of what would be his 111th birthday, check out some of the ads below (featured from 1927-1940s).  The art is a precursors to the awesome illustrations he used in those books we love.  

Happy Birthday Dr Suess!

25 February 2015

Fluoresecent Flava

The problem with getting the munchies at night is having to turn on the light, waking up everyone and calling yourself out as a midnight snacker.  Not anymore. 

196 Below sells Neon Nitro Ice Cream that glows in the dark.  Spoon some  raspberry, pine-lime and mango passion fruit into your mouth while you try not think of the UV-reactive liquid food coloring used to make it glow. 

23 January 2015

NSFW Men's Fashion

Rick Owens let it all hang out in Paris for his 2015 Men's collection.  
His peacoats were cut from Berber blankets;

Cable knits were stretched to the limit...
and portholes were placed to show everything a man has to offer.

This is way too full frontal for even the most casual Friday.  The California designer says the collection was inspired by "an old French movie set in a submarine". We don't need a periscope to see the genius here.  Owens toys with sex and censorship in his own sleek way.

20 January 2015

Suit Up

Trouser Suits that are worthy of any VP hit the runways this season. Bring fashion into the boardroom with new twists on an old staple.

Bottega Veneta did them double breasted.
 Chanel added some shimmer and stripes.
 And Christopher Kane buttoned them up.

19 January 2015

Dressing in Mint Condition

Spear something mint in 2015 and celebrate the pastel trend!

We saw it at Coach.

We got a taste from Fausto Puglisi

And sampled some more at Calvin Klein,  Nonoo and  Peter Pilotto. Yummy!

18 January 2015

Bite My Jeans

Zoo jeans  are Denim Designed by Dangerous Animals.  To create awareness of endangered species, these designers throw their fabrics to the animals. 

Denim's wrapped around tires and rubber balls and then given to the animals to play with.  They roar, gnaw and claw at their toys.  Then the materials are carefully reclaimed from the creatures and, complete with claw and bite marks, are made into the final jeans by a small factory in Okayama.

There are three models, each with the scratches and bites of their respective “designers”: lions, Ussuri brown bears and Bengal tigers. Profits from sales will be donated to the WWF and Kamine Zoo.

Quickest Draw in the iWest

A holster for your iPhone 6.  Never miss a call again, punk.

at oopsmark.ca

Galliano's Back!

The debut collection from John Galliano for Maison Martin Margiela walked this week.  Here are a few of the long-awaited looks!

Trail Blazing Fashion Rental

When the weather gets bitter, you get itching to hit the slopes.  But the last time you buckled up your old ski boots, fluorescents were in- the first time.  Even if your ski clothes still fit, you'd be laughed off the lift. 

Don't let a fashion wipeout keep you off the mountain.  Go to Kitlender.com  It allows you to rent the latest ski gear for your trip.  You can get  a full kit like this with a jacket, pants, underlayer, goggles and mitts for around $120.   A bargain that 'll make sure you look hot slopeside.

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