01 December 2008

Beware WalMart Shoppers!

You have to wonder about anyone who would stand on line in a parking lot at 3am in the freezing cold- not for concert tickets- but for $200 off a plasma TV. Grown people with kids and houses and BBQ grills that should have much better things to do or better 'family values' or should at least be too lazy to bother! 
But the suburbanites have been hypnotized by that Special Blue Light that signals that one-time deal they have been programmed to have to have. They know deep down inside that advertised item is just a lure and there are only 3 of them in stock. That funnel effect is what caused the tragedy at the Long Island WalMart after Thanksgiving. 

But, it was only a matter of time  before Walmart added Murder to its list of crimes. Still, nothing will be done to stop this behemoth from raping our country's moral belief system and Capitalist ideas. Why should we start now? WalMart has been smothering our economy and assisting in its execution and not once has its name been mentioned by any politician, candidate, economist, or member of Congress or the treasury in regards to our country's Financial Meltdown.

Whatever happened to "Buy American"? It's not possible anymore. If WalMart were a country, it would rank as China's 8th largest trading partner- ahead of Russia, Australia and Canada.  

The number of jobs lost to Chinese manufacturers overseas is uncountable. Walmart has forced companies like Huffy Bikes, Thomson Electronics, Rubbermaid and Mr Coffee to hand out pink slips, shut down plants here and learn to speak Cantonese in order to compete. And when those workers are outta jobs, they can only afford to shop at Big W. So those empty factory buildings are turned into Superstores. 

Everyone's favorite Moose Hunter, Sarah Palin, brought in the Big Gun when she was Mayor to create jobs in Wasilla. 
But even she makes mistakes. For every 2 jobs created by the Mart, a community loses 3. That's because they add in all those construction jobs that aren't permanent. (That means, forever, Sarah.) And those Discount Jobs dropped the base salary quicker than Sarah could shoot them down from a helicopter. 

Not long after, Wasilla was Born Again as the Meth Capital of Alaska. Coincidence? Or does losing jobs and having less make you depressed enough to set up your own lab?

The cost of WalMart's Economic Mismanagement on our Government's social system is huge. The Average WalMart Employee brings in $2,000 below the poverty level (at their workers' average 30 hour work week). The boys in blue vests could make $3 more/ hour at Shop Rite. But WM doesn't stop there.
Tiny Salary + Large premiums for health coverage = more than 60% of their workers left for the US Government to take care of.

There are so many more issues and so many more intelligent websites dedicated to bringing the Discount Demon Down.  Check out WakeupWalmart.com for one.  And add the trampling death of a temp worker as just one more felony that this retailer will sale away with.

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