10 December 2008

Blogvent Day 15

Pulled a name from the Secret Santa hat of someone you just can't stand? Or do you hate everyone in your office equally and are forced to do a grab bag? There's no better passive-aggressive way to show them how you really feel than give them a gift bearing the ugly mug of the most annoying self-promoting bald man in America- Joe the Plumber.
This ornament should clog up the empty spaces of their tree and it will only drain you of $6 American dollars. They can use it to cover the 'plumbers butt' in the back of the tree. 
Joe has pen. Joe has paper. Joe has Ghost writer. And now he's spreading his own wealth. His book of dribble will cost you $24.95 on his website but you can get it for $5 less if you went to Barnes & Noble. That's what I call bitchslapping the American Dream. 
And Sam Wurzelbacher's dreams don't end there. He's got a website that you have to join? I don't believe that and I wrote it. For a year's membership you need to flush $14.95 down the toilet. I didn't research what you get for the money because the only sites I know of that you need to pay to join are porno sites and Joe and Porno are 2 words that should never mix.
And I guess that imagery was Joe's Xmas gift to me. Thanks Joe. There are 15 Days 'til Xmas

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