09 December 2008

Blogvent Day 16

Maybe you're reading this blog on you're new Blackberry Storm or your MacBook Air. If not, those things are probably topping your Xmas Wish Lists. 
But take your mind waaaay back- not long after the dinosaurs roamed (if you use the same calendar as Sarah Palin) to 1978. If you were one of those lucky families, you may have woken up Xmas morning and found this hi-tech surprise under the Xmas tree: the TRS-80 Microcomputer!
You could get them at Radio Shack if your tightwad dad would fork over the $600 bucks. (My family opted for an electronic typewriter instead). Why did this beauty become extinct you ask? Well, for one, if your knucklehead brother was using it, the latest Starsky & Hutch episode you wanted to watch would be nothing but snow. "Shut it off or I'm telling Mom!" Aaah memories...

There are 16 days til Xmas. Write your Wish Lists!

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