04 December 2008

Xmas Wrappings

It's that time of year when the mistletoe blooms and the snow blankets the streets. But you're too stressed about what to get everyone that you can't stop to smell the chestnuts roasting. Relax. Get a cup a cup of hot cocoa and check out some ideas I dug up that should help cross off some names on your list.
For your teenage niece that just signed up for American Idol, how about a Karaoke machine? They're going for $120.00 and it may actually get her off her cellphone for an hour.

With the housing slump, your Realtor/Brother has had way too much time staring out into space lately.
Why not take him all the way there and buy him an acre of land on the Moon? 
Check out www.lunarlandowner.com. It only costs $29.99 for an acre of uninhabitable spacerock. Not sure what the Mortgage rates are though.

Now that you're all grown up and ugly, Mom misses her favorite little wombat to cuddle with. Let her snuggle with a furry (faux) throw. 
Pottery Barn $99.00 and it doesn't sass back.

For $79.00 these race cars are perfect for the little tyke with a lotta speed. http://www.landofnod.com and you thought it was hard to keep up before.

Admit it, your sister is way out of your intellectual league. That's OK. Enroll her in the New York Times Crossword Society 
where she will get the Sunday Crosswords mailed to her. That's 72 puzzles a year that she can finish without Googleing one clue and make you feel stupid.  And it will only cost you $45. www.nytstore.com

Dad's always proud when he does the cooking so help him stake credit with his own branding iron for the grill.
 $40.00 fom www.personalcreations.com

Your wife will marry you all over again if this Marc Jacobs Blade watch is under the tree. Bloomingdales $200.00

And cure his taste for the distasteful with a cigar tasting class for $145.00. www.excitations.com

Ho! ho! ho!

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