28 January 2009

The Net is Alive With the Sound of Music

Trying to find new tunes on the net isn't as easy as it should be. XM radio is pretty expensive and isn't all that. But if you haven't checked Pandora.com you really should. It's a website where you can type in a song you like and they build a station around that song - by  its melody, harmony, instrumentation, rhythm, vocals, lyrics- whatever. 

This is all done by human ear. And what's cool is you can click on a button that says "I hate this song" and it will never play it again and if it plays something bizarre you can ask why this song is in your station. And, yeah, you can make as many stations as you like. It's cool, there's no commercials- it's free and not annoying. Try it.

27 January 2009

Please Fence Me In

This lace fence is stunning. Keeping the dog in our the riff raff out doesn't have to be so ugly. As this Dutch design firm describes it,  it's "Hostility versus kindness, industrial versus craft. " Genius.
For more of their work, check http://www.demakersvan.com/index.php

24 January 2009

Lose Your Job or Just Look Like You Have

You've Lost your Job, Your House, Your Car, Now- What do You Wear?
Designers picked up on the economic crisis-turned-catastrophe for Spring 2009.

Alberta Ferretti (left) and Just Cavalli (below) tried to keep it optimistic, reminiscing of days before the Great Depression with flapper dresses and lots of fringe.

Ah! The days before it all crashed.

But that was the 20's and this is now. And as the rule goes:
When times get bad, fashion gets more conservative.

Marc Jacobs and Marni must sense even harder times ahead, as their muse was Laura Ingalls.
Skirts cover the knees- almost to the ankles and they want you to button up the plaid (not in a grunge way).

Straw hats are in because who can afford leather and well, Get out the plow-we're heading back to horse and carriage times.

Marc Jacobs Spring 2009
Marni Spring 2009

20 January 2009

Obama: Out of this World or Out of His Mind?

While the nation, no, the world, is enthralled with the inauguration today of our 44th president, I must warn that we pay close attention to those he chooses to stand alongside him. Or on him, in this case.
In what may have been the most under-reported appointment to the Obama cabinet, Trrgufchk Skgrt (shown here sitting on the now-President's shoulder) will serve as Intergalactic United Nations Supreme Allied Commander. It may seem like a big title for a little guy but our new Commander in Chief thinks Skgrt is up to the task. 

I just don't know about this. I mean, the guy's cute and all, but how do we know he will stand up for Earth the same way he supports Mars, where, let's face it, people probably look more like him? And in these hard economic times, where there are a scarce number of jobs to go around, shouldn't our President give the ones he has to Human Beings? 
Or is this the 'Change' Obama needed us to believe in- seeing beyond all our differences and reaching across intergalactic aisles?  What do you think- did the Prez space out when he appointed Skgrt or did he just take one giant leap for mankind?

15 January 2009

Owl Decor Craze

It seems like everyone's obsessed with owls these days. But when it comes to interior design, there's a fine line we walk between kitsch and class. Between flair and overdone. 

I have chosen my two favorite Owl-decor items that I think add just enough whimsy to an apartment or home. Remember, half of good design is knowing when to say when.

I am absolutely in love with this umbrella stand! Besides being practical (who doesn't need a place to store their brolly?) It is so damn adorable! Even without an umbrella it looks amazing in the corner. You can get this at Urban Outfitters for $120. That's a must...

...Onto the lust.
UberDesigner Rick Lee designed this Owl Lamp on a tripod that has got tongues wagging in the interior world. 

Most owl lamps are table lamps but Rick ingeniously put his on a perch. This really blows me away. 
The stand is stainless steel and the Owl features a dimmer. It just looks so cute!
It retails for $1995. www.rickleedesign.com

07 January 2009

Aloha Designer

Alfred Shaheen died in Torrance, California on December 22, 2008. He was 86. 

And he is the man that brought us the Hawaiian shirt. The floral pattern, the colors, the island flair that tourists and natives alike fell in love with were his design. Shaheen found a way to capture the feeling and romance of paradise and weave it into a piece of clothing.

It wasn't just Elvis that loved to rock the look. Donna Reed looks impressed with Montgomery Clift and Frank Sinatra in "From Here to Eternity"(1953)
The movie received eight Oscars, though I don't recall one being for Costume Design.

And no one filled it better than Magnum- Tom Selleck. It's the only thing that doesn't clash with his 'stache.

Our thoughts are with you Alfred.

06 January 2009

Camera Cake

When I was in L.A. visiting my sister, she took me to her favorite bakery to try her favorite cake. Red Velvet. It was AMAZING! I had never had Red Velvet Cake before. My sister is a photographer and I bet she never had Red Velvet Cake that looked like this!
Some guy made this Nikon D700 cake for his wife's birthday.

(By the way,you can check out my sister's incredible photography at www.bjpapas.com). 

03 January 2009

Journal for the Time-Impaired

A friend of mine told me that her New Year's Resolution was to start keeping a journal. I admire her aspirations. Diaries are extremely important works. They help the writer psychologically clear themselves of the daily annoyances and drama we live through.
According to the New York times, diaries originated as a literary form in the upper classes.

The first were called pillow books, written by women of the Japanese court in the 10th century A.D.

British royalty began a tradition of keeping "stories of their reign" in the Middle Ages.

Anais Nin, who called her diary "my kief, my hashish and opium pipe," recorded her erotic exploits with Henry Miller and his wife, June. Her four volumes of diaries are a pastiche of literary gossip, feminine revelation and 1930's Parisian culture.

Ronald Reagan, Clark Clifford and Bill Wyman, the Rolling Stones' bassist, relied heavily on their personal diaries when they wrote books.

(from the New York Times January 3, 2009.)

Ordinary people who believe an unexamined life is not worth living write about the small activities and impressions that are their days. But you know how easy it is for these activities to get in the way and make you drop your journal writing.
So in order to help my friend and anyone else with the same Resolution, I thought it would be easier if you had a fill-in-the-blank template that allowed you to just jot down some answers. So on hectic days you'd still have time (and no excuses) to make an entry.
If you copy/paste this into your computer journal, it may make it easier to keep you resolution, at least 'til March.
Date __/____/2009

Today I went to ______________________ with ____________________.

It was Good / Sucked (circle one)

Who/What pissed me off today:

Favorite person of the day: _____________________
Why? ______________________

Had Sex? Yes / No (Circle one- be honest)
Comments on it: _____________________________

Extraneous Rant about anything: _______________________________________


Any cool quotes/websites/movies/songs/media I discovered today:

Goal for tomorrow:

02 January 2009

Unicorns Are Your Friends

I was never into Unicorns in the eighties when all my girlfriends were drawing them on their notebooks flying over rainbows. But lately, I can't stop thinking how cool they are. However, as I search for Unicorn things I am bombarded with the same tacky 80's crap that most people need to associate with them.
So, I have weeded some cool Unicorn paraphernalia out from all the horror show pre-pubescent medieval freaky shit so people like us can enjoy a little of the horse magic.

I should start with this tote as it's so appropriate. The "I Don't Want to Sound Gay or Anything, But Unicorns Kick Ass" Motto is available on t-shirts, hoodies and baby onesies as well.
This bag goes for $21.99 and you can find it at Cafe Press. http://shop.cafepress.com/design/17779463

I am really into big bangly necklaces with lots of chains and to find one that snuck a unicorn into the mix was a real treat.
This is a Destroyed by Design piece you can get at Etsy for $32.00.

If you're not quite that brave in showing you're support for the one-horned, this cherry wood brooch is a little more subtle. It's $8.00 also on Etsy. http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?ref=sr_gallery_4&listing_id=18555728

Anyone who thinks Unicorns are for girls better watch out! None other than Robocop is a big fan.
Comic book artist and Painter Timothy Doyle designed this Unicorn print available on his myspace page for $20. http://www.myspace.com/timothydoyle

These should hold you over Elf Lords! (Just Kidding)
But honestly, it is tough finding the cool stuff amongst the tacky and crappy out there. Good thing I didn't wake up and decide rainbows were cool- I'd be really F---ed!

01 January 2009

A Long Strange Tripp It Is

While I've been distracted with the holidays, much has been going on in more exciting parts of the world. Namely, Wasilla, Alaska. Yes it seems I have been jerked out of my Post-Palin depression as the hicks in the Governor's clan have been moving and shaking. And as usual, nothing is quite cut and dry... or legal.

First, the girl who nationally entered the term "Knocked Up" into every pre-teen's dictionary, Bristol Palin, supposedly gave birth on December 27. Or December 28. Date not confirmed. No baby pictures yet released either, as talks with People Magazine are volleying around a $300,000 figure.
However, that would require Grandma Sarah to be present at the photo shoot. And so far neither she nor the First Dude, nor their press secretary are commenting - or confirming -on the happy occassion of the birth.
No one will even confirm if Daddy Levi was present at the birth.
What is confirmed is this: the baby's name is Tripp.

This is very appropriate as the baby's other grandmother (Levi's mom) was arrested for dealing drugs just a week earlier.

Sherry Johnston was charged on December 18th with six felony counts of misconduct involving a controlled substance. The substance was Oxycontin which she gets $800 for 10 pills! Am I the only one that thinks she should be arrested for the overcharge?
Oxycontin is the Hillbilly Heroin that Rush Limbaugh could afford to give her that kind of cash for- but Wasilla dropouts from her son's hockey team? Really? Isn't it cheaper to make meth in your basement?

More importantly, I suppose, the investigation started the 2nd week of September but was postponed because one of her soon to be in-laws in Wasilla was running as the Vice President of the United States. Close call, country.

Hmm... How would the GOP vetters not catch this? It was all on record and she was the mother of the candidate's daughter's long-time boyfriend. I mean just look at her?
Can't you see she's ON SOMETHING?
When will this end? And do we want it to? The Palins and their clan in Alaska truly are the gift that keep on giving. Here's to a New Year full of more fun, drugs, scandal and teen pregnancies from the North.

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