01 January 2009

A Long Strange Tripp It Is

While I've been distracted with the holidays, much has been going on in more exciting parts of the world. Namely, Wasilla, Alaska. Yes it seems I have been jerked out of my Post-Palin depression as the hicks in the Governor's clan have been moving and shaking. And as usual, nothing is quite cut and dry... or legal.

First, the girl who nationally entered the term "Knocked Up" into every pre-teen's dictionary, Bristol Palin, supposedly gave birth on December 27. Or December 28. Date not confirmed. No baby pictures yet released either, as talks with People Magazine are volleying around a $300,000 figure.
However, that would require Grandma Sarah to be present at the photo shoot. And so far neither she nor the First Dude, nor their press secretary are commenting - or confirming -on the happy occassion of the birth.
No one will even confirm if Daddy Levi was present at the birth.
What is confirmed is this: the baby's name is Tripp.

This is very appropriate as the baby's other grandmother (Levi's mom) was arrested for dealing drugs just a week earlier.

Sherry Johnston was charged on December 18th with six felony counts of misconduct involving a controlled substance. The substance was Oxycontin which she gets $800 for 10 pills! Am I the only one that thinks she should be arrested for the overcharge?
Oxycontin is the Hillbilly Heroin that Rush Limbaugh could afford to give her that kind of cash for- but Wasilla dropouts from her son's hockey team? Really? Isn't it cheaper to make meth in your basement?

More importantly, I suppose, the investigation started the 2nd week of September but was postponed because one of her soon to be in-laws in Wasilla was running as the Vice President of the United States. Close call, country.

Hmm... How would the GOP vetters not catch this? It was all on record and she was the mother of the candidate's daughter's long-time boyfriend. I mean just look at her?
Can't you see she's ON SOMETHING?
When will this end? And do we want it to? The Palins and their clan in Alaska truly are the gift that keep on giving. Here's to a New Year full of more fun, drugs, scandal and teen pregnancies from the North.

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