24 January 2009

Lose Your Job or Just Look Like You Have

You've Lost your Job, Your House, Your Car, Now- What do You Wear?
Designers picked up on the economic crisis-turned-catastrophe for Spring 2009.

Alberta Ferretti (left) and Just Cavalli (below) tried to keep it optimistic, reminiscing of days before the Great Depression with flapper dresses and lots of fringe.

Ah! The days before it all crashed.

But that was the 20's and this is now. And as the rule goes:
When times get bad, fashion gets more conservative.

Marc Jacobs and Marni must sense even harder times ahead, as their muse was Laura Ingalls.
Skirts cover the knees- almost to the ankles and they want you to button up the plaid (not in a grunge way).

Straw hats are in because who can afford leather and well, Get out the plow-we're heading back to horse and carriage times.

Marc Jacobs Spring 2009
Marni Spring 2009

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