20 January 2009

Obama: Out of this World or Out of His Mind?

While the nation, no, the world, is enthralled with the inauguration today of our 44th president, I must warn that we pay close attention to those he chooses to stand alongside him. Or on him, in this case.
In what may have been the most under-reported appointment to the Obama cabinet, Trrgufchk Skgrt (shown here sitting on the now-President's shoulder) will serve as Intergalactic United Nations Supreme Allied Commander. It may seem like a big title for a little guy but our new Commander in Chief thinks Skgrt is up to the task. 

I just don't know about this. I mean, the guy's cute and all, but how do we know he will stand up for Earth the same way he supports Mars, where, let's face it, people probably look more like him? And in these hard economic times, where there are a scarce number of jobs to go around, shouldn't our President give the ones he has to Human Beings? 
Or is this the 'Change' Obama needed us to believe in- seeing beyond all our differences and reaching across intergalactic aisles?  What do you think- did the Prez space out when he appointed Skgrt or did he just take one giant leap for mankind?

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