15 January 2009

Owl Decor Craze

It seems like everyone's obsessed with owls these days. But when it comes to interior design, there's a fine line we walk between kitsch and class. Between flair and overdone. 

I have chosen my two favorite Owl-decor items that I think add just enough whimsy to an apartment or home. Remember, half of good design is knowing when to say when.

I am absolutely in love with this umbrella stand! Besides being practical (who doesn't need a place to store their brolly?) It is so damn adorable! Even without an umbrella it looks amazing in the corner. You can get this at Urban Outfitters for $120. That's a must...

...Onto the lust.
UberDesigner Rick Lee designed this Owl Lamp on a tripod that has got tongues wagging in the interior world. 

Most owl lamps are table lamps but Rick ingeniously put his on a perch. This really blows me away. 
The stand is stainless steel and the Owl features a dimmer. It just looks so cute!
It retails for $1995. www.rickleedesign.com

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