02 January 2009

Unicorns Are Your Friends

I was never into Unicorns in the eighties when all my girlfriends were drawing them on their notebooks flying over rainbows. But lately, I can't stop thinking how cool they are. However, as I search for Unicorn things I am bombarded with the same tacky 80's crap that most people need to associate with them.
So, I have weeded some cool Unicorn paraphernalia out from all the horror show pre-pubescent medieval freaky shit so people like us can enjoy a little of the horse magic.

I should start with this tote as it's so appropriate. The "I Don't Want to Sound Gay or Anything, But Unicorns Kick Ass" Motto is available on t-shirts, hoodies and baby onesies as well.
This bag goes for $21.99 and you can find it at Cafe Press. http://shop.cafepress.com/design/17779463

I am really into big bangly necklaces with lots of chains and to find one that snuck a unicorn into the mix was a real treat.
This is a Destroyed by Design piece you can get at Etsy for $32.00.

If you're not quite that brave in showing you're support for the one-horned, this cherry wood brooch is a little more subtle. It's $8.00 also on Etsy. http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?ref=sr_gallery_4&listing_id=18555728

Anyone who thinks Unicorns are for girls better watch out! None other than Robocop is a big fan.
Comic book artist and Painter Timothy Doyle designed this Unicorn print available on his myspace page for $20. http://www.myspace.com/timothydoyle

These should hold you over Elf Lords! (Just Kidding)
But honestly, it is tough finding the cool stuff amongst the tacky and crappy out there. Good thing I didn't wake up and decide rainbows were cool- I'd be really F---ed!

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