12 February 2009

Valentine's Day Killer

For some, including me, one of the most dreaded holidays approaches- Valentine's Day.  Even if you have found the perfect partner and live each day in bliss, this holiday reeks. It cheapens every poem, every song written about love and stuffs it into a heart-shaped cardboard box. 
Valentine's Day doesn't feel like a celebration of but rather like a forced feeling of love, making you express something or making you feel you need to have love or, if you're alone, that you're the only one that doesn't. You're not. 

Telling someone you love them shouldn't be mandatory. Who wants a card and chocolates that Hallmark told him/her to get you? Everyone knows that unexpected gifts mean more. 
For Saturday, I am sending Cupid my own Anti-Valentine in honor of everyone that feels like I do. A dozen black roses= Dead. from deadflowerflorist.com and I'll do something nice for my honey on some other day.

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