05 August 2009

Grand Thetons of Fashion

"Finally! Clothes that can contain our 2,314 spirits and look fab!"
That sentence could be heard muttered around all globes today as Scientologists on every planet flipped through the latest issue of the International Scientology News. The paper (that magically appears in the mailboxes of believers) displayed the new look Ambassadors of Scientology will don as they spread the word of the Great L. Ron Hubbard.
If your Supernatural Fashion Sense tells you there's something creepily familiar about these power suits, it may be because they were designed by Richard Tyler. Tyler was the designer that revamped the Delta Airlines Uniforms three years ago. Here are the Delta Uniforms:
As far as I know Tyler is not a follower of the Cult, er, religion but his biz has been struggling enough lately for his prayers to be answered by the all-powerful Xenu.

But maybe we should be looking deeper. Far deeper than the alien souls that run the Cult can think. Could it be that Tyler is pulling a mind trick on the Great Beings that hired him?
Look at the caped model in the back.
The look actually seems more to be inspired by a World War 1 Salvation Army ad.
It would be an ironic twist to dress an Emissary of our Future Civilization in a look taken from the primordial fashion past, wouldn't it?
If this was Tyler's intent, then he has succeeded in pulling the cape over the Organization's eyes, and my bucket hat goes off to him.

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