03 August 2009

Grime Fighter

What do you get when you cross A pressure washer, cleaning fluid and a graffiti artist in the cloak of the night? Reverse graffiti.
Also known as clean tagging, dust tagging, grime writing, Reverse Grafitti is a method of creating art in public spaces by removing the dirt from its surface. Think writing 'Clean Me' on a dirty car window and expand.
Paul 'Moose' Curtis is one such Reverse Grafitti artist. His thoughts wandered while washing dishes and his ideas of cleanliness swelled into a beautiful stencil project in San Francisco's Broadway tunnel.
These clean tags are bewildering law enforcement as there is no crime. The artist doesn't use any paint. By cleaning the walls he is not only 'beautifying' the city, he is stamping the streets with an environmental awareness of the grime and pollution we are causing and living among.
His stencils (of indigenous trees in the Tunnel project) also further span to justify graffiti as an art form rather than a urban nuisance.
Watch a video on the Tunnel Project.

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