30 September 2009

Lights! Camera! Action Figures!

I am counting down My Top 5 Favorite Action Figures of all time
#5. Jesus
Tied for #4 are the classics Mr T. and....

...The Six Million Dollar Man
Everyone's favorite Psychotherapist Sigmund Freud comes in at #3

How cool is Tippi Hedren's doll from Hitchcock's 'The Birds' at #2?

And my all time favorite the new Karl Lagerfeld, Designer Extroardinaire.
Who wouldn't want this one?

29 September 2009

Designing with the Drapers

I was in design heaven when Betty Draper renovated her living room during this past episode of Mad Men. As I drooled over the Japanese inspired couch, black print chairs and orange accents, I only wished the producers had made the decorating process more of a story line.
What did make it into the plot of course, was Betty's insanity. She rudely corrupts her designer's brilliance by adding an antique fainting chaise. All because a guy in a bad suit flashes his eyelashes at her. I mean WTF? It's hideous and proves she has truly lost it.
Don may need a new wife. But their relationship aside, I am glad Betty was allowed to call in a decorator for that room. Here's the before.
Now, if AMC wants to make me even happier, they will get that designer to attack the Draper's kitchen (and not allow any of Betty's 'adjustments'!) The Draper Kitchen is a nightmare even for the Suburban Country Style of the 60's they were going for. So I decided to help Betty rid the Draper's home of this horrific room.
I found some era-specific suggestions for Betty. There's a masculine kitchen where she can hide all her pots in wood cabinets and add brown appliances for a monotone look. And check the graphic floor motif.
If that makes Don feel as if he hasn't left his wood-paneled office, then Betty can lighten up the room with pink countertops and a pink tiled floor accented with a sleek steel refrigerator and oven. How Mod!
Or, if that's too urban for her, Betty can go crazy with color and mix pastels like birthday cake batter. Imagine this kitchen with a yellow formica table!
Perfect for the suburbs! Betty get on it! Your kitchen will only look older and more depressing now that the living room is so fab!

11 September 2009

Pandemic in Glass

The outbreak of Swine Flu has focused our attention once again on the global impact of a virus. Fearing another epidemic like Smallpox, which killed nearly 500 million before being wiped out in the 1970s, scientists are scurrying for any way to contain today's most fearful infections. There's nothing like a possible pandemic that pulls the medical and scientific communities together.
Artist Luke Jerram explores the virus in its intrinsic beauty in contrast to its devastating impact on humanity. Interested in the artificial coloring of the virus by microbiologists, and how that may skew people's perceptions of the disease, he designed biological models of the virus out of glass. Pure, uncolored and 3-dimensional, these sculptures allow the viewer to more clearly see the effect of our scientific understanding of these plagues.
To read more follow this link to www.lukejerram.com/projects/glass_microbiology

swine flu


e Coli

03 September 2009

It is Written on the Wall

My favorite graffiti walls in Williamsburg, (Brooklyn). As I went to shoot them today there were 2 other people with cameras at the same time, shooting the "Cereal Killers" wall. It is a longtime favorite.

I love how angry the Trix bunny is.

This looks like a different artist and its new. 2 of my favorite animals- a bear and a porcupine. Love it!

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