19 October 2009

Celebrate a day of Ghouls, Ghosts and Goslins

Ghosts, Ghouls and (Kate) Goslins will no doubt come out this October 31st, as a Gaelic superstition explains that all souls that are in Purgatory are released for 48 hours on All Hallows Eve.

Since you'll never be able to fight it, why not invite some specimens of the undead into your home this year?

If you are planning on staying home to dispense candy to the costumed kids in your neighborhood, you may want to kill time waiting for the zombies and mummies by playing Skeleton Jenga.
It's $18 from Uncommongoods. com and it's way more fun than the regular boring wood Jenga because it's a skeleton!!

When the doorbell does ring, let the kids grab your treats with their grubby little hands from this cookie jar from Target.

It's just $16.99. And the lid makes it easy to snap shut when those greedy goblins grab more than two like you told them!

This toaster will get you in the mood for all the tricks and treats that await you this day by stamping your morning toast with a skull and crossbones.

I am certain that the skull makes it taste better too. On the German Website that sells it, it costs 33 Euros.

Serve your hot apple cider on this melamine tray with a crowned skull. Amazon.com sells them 2 for $14.00

And make sure the mood is set by lighting tons of these candles from zgallerie. $24.95 each.

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