04 November 2009

When You Gotta Go

Artist Candy Chung comes to the aid of New Yorkers in need of a Restroom Rescue. With a background in Urban Planning, she was stunned to find, or rather, not find, the paltry number of public toilets in New York City. I personally only know of one (in the green space where Broadway and 6 Avenue cross at 33th street). This opposed to 750 Automatic Public Commodes in Singapore, 678 in London and 500 in Athens.
So, Chung mapped out some semi-public places to let it all out downtown. These include Starbucks, Hotels and Police Stations and she printed them on a tear-by-page note pad. If any are still available they were placed at the 4,5,6, J,M,Z Canal Street Subway Station. This is something very handy to have in your wallet. Save yourself the trip to Chinatown and print a PDF of the map out at www.candychung.com or here.

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