29 March 2010

Camping for Morons

Ah, a weekend of rugged, back-to-nature camping. You look forward to getting in touch with your inner Grizzly Adams by living off the land, sleeping with rocks digging into your back and peeing in lush fields of poison ivy.

And when its time to break out the chocolate and graham crackers for a s'mores dinner, show off to your burly friends and pull out The Prairie campfire template.

It will make it impossible even for a complete idiot like you to mess up the campfire-spacing out the logs perfectly. But it can't protect you from your friends' roaring laughter.

Butch Cakes

Men like cupcakes too. It's true. And now they don't have to be afraid to admit it. Not the cutesy fairy cakes that GIRLS eat- NO way! Manly men get their man cakes online. BUTCH BAKERY in NY delivers the most masculine of cupcakes right to their door. Or their gym.
The man who brings you these testosterone tarts is David Arrick. He threw away his Wall Street suit and tie to make cupcakes that are anything but cute. With names like Jackhammer, Beer Run, and Big Papi, these cakes will make a man out of you, yet.

22 March 2010

Hair Peace

Kate I don't care if you can't dance, just bring it back! Bring back the reverse mullet!
I am sure you would have gotten higher scores on last night's Dancing with The Stars if you hadn't changed that righteous 'do!

17 March 2010

Mad Men Live in a Barbie World

To promote the fourth season of AMC's show Mad Men, Mattel is putting out what they call "Barbie Fashion Model Collection Dolls". Joan, Roger, Don and Betty can now live in your dreamhouse. You can sit them by the TV and watch the premiere of Mad Men with them as if they were truly your friends.
Although I applaud the concept and the effort there are a few things missing from the doll collection. A greater attention to detail in this circumstance really could have pushed this idea to higher levels.

The Don doll looks a bit stiff -maybe some props could help him out, like a cigarette, a martini or a mistress in one hand.

Betty looks like one of her mothers was Jessica Rabbit. Her face is kind of off. I think its her eyes. They're to sultry or something but props to the hairdresser.

Barbie must be a little jealous of June, refusing to allow Mattel to cast her in anatomically correct plastic. Maybe it's in old Barbie's contract that she has to be the doll with the top tits because this doll does not do June's chest any justice.

That's a disappointment to men everywhere who were just considering purchasing their first female action figure.

And where's Peggy? Mattel could have dusted off their "Skipper" mold and gave us a Peggy doll too.
The dolls will be available for $75 at stores and at amctv.com.

McFashion Food

Corporations constantly vie to attract new consumers to their brand. Sometimes this means stepping out of their established box to force the customer to view them in a completely new way. This is risky but if successful, could propel their brand to higher esteem and of course, profits.
McDonalds will be experimenting in new ways to change the consumers' way of thinking about their food products. The creative genius of Access Agency will spin the brand into a high-fashion direction.
In the fashion tents of Milan, New York, London and Paris Fashion Weeks, the stylearatti will be dining at "McFancy".
McFashionistas can get their usual McDonalds fare in extraordinary packaging co-created by the fashion labels themselves and of course, served to them by waiters in tuxedos. Private dining areas will fool the eaters into thinking they're not eating fast food.
Wouldn't you just love a Paul Smith Sundae with your Burberry Burger (or Burgberry)...
...and do you want Gucci Fries with that?
Of course!


12 March 2010

Gaga for Fashion

It's hard to choose the best outfits that Lady Gaga has worn but I wanted to pay tribute anyway. Here are my favorite styles from her most popular videos (ONLY the videos- no Live performances). The full videos are at the end of this blog.

The song she does with Beyonce, "Telephone" has such great style. The USA outfit and the Chains are so cool.
But she looks so good wrapped in Crime Scene tape.
From "Bad Romance" the Polar bear coat and the sperm outfit are amazing.
Paparazzi, is my favorite! The crutches are a great prop and the outfit made out of Film (I especially love the hat) is an earlier take on the Crime Scene tape outfit.

Watch Lady Gaga Videos here:
Bad Romance:



01 March 2010

The Second Coming of Jesus-Cruise/Hubbard

Rumors have been mysteriously appearing on the internet machine (probably from a higher source named Xenu) that Katie Holmes is preparing to be inseminated with yet another Messiah for Scientologists.
Mrs. Cruise spent four hours at the Hollywood Scientology Center last week. Insiders say that was for a pre-pregnancy 'auditing'.
Scientologists believe the "health and sanity of the child begin long before birth". Yes, they actually use the word "sanity". It takes them 4 hours to tell someone that IF they were sane they would leave the Church grounds NOW? I could say that in less than four seconds.
In researching this important story, I found something even more disturbing on the Scientology website, Scientology.org.
Watching their library of videos, I found that all Scientologists interviewed were missing the tops of their heads.

Even those in the B-roll shots.

Well, the last guy might actually have a head top, you can't really tell what's under his turban.

Let us all gather and pray that the new Holmes/Hubbard, I mean Holmes/Cruise Savior of Human and Extraterrestrial Kind comes out of the spaceship complete- head and all.

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