17 March 2010

Mad Men Live in a Barbie World

To promote the fourth season of AMC's show Mad Men, Mattel is putting out what they call "Barbie Fashion Model Collection Dolls". Joan, Roger, Don and Betty can now live in your dreamhouse. You can sit them by the TV and watch the premiere of Mad Men with them as if they were truly your friends.
Although I applaud the concept and the effort there are a few things missing from the doll collection. A greater attention to detail in this circumstance really could have pushed this idea to higher levels.

The Don doll looks a bit stiff -maybe some props could help him out, like a cigarette, a martini or a mistress in one hand.

Betty looks like one of her mothers was Jessica Rabbit. Her face is kind of off. I think its her eyes. They're to sultry or something but props to the hairdresser.

Barbie must be a little jealous of June, refusing to allow Mattel to cast her in anatomically correct plastic. Maybe it's in old Barbie's contract that she has to be the doll with the top tits because this doll does not do June's chest any justice.

That's a disappointment to men everywhere who were just considering purchasing their first female action figure.

And where's Peggy? Mattel could have dusted off their "Skipper" mold and gave us a Peggy doll too.
The dolls will be available for $75 at stores and at amctv.com.

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