23 November 2010

Up in Smoke. Too Bad

Some of my favorite old cigarette ads.

17 November 2010

Measure Your Success

They say to Measure twice, cut once. This inspired master designer Christian Louboutin, who created these amazing shoes. He can make a crisp utilitarian tool very sexy.
The minions (like me) who could only dream of owning a pair of Louboutins, can translate the trend more practically . Some cost-cutting measures of the fad- Brooches made of the tape (lianakabel.com)
Stash all the $ you save from NOT buying the Louboutin's in a wallet by Undone Clothing at Etsy.
And make your own bracelet on the cheap.

10 November 2010

an Apple a Day

I love the mac store on 59th and 5 ave, NYC. It's all glass so it takes up the least visual space in a city where there's visual stimuli overload.I tried to take photos of the glass elevator and the store with my phone but they came out lame. As usual.
Then I went to the apple store website. They have a VIRTUAL TOUR of the store that is INCREDIBLE!

04 November 2010

In the House

The Republicans won the house. Politically it remains to be seen if this is a good thing. In home decor, on the other hand, it definitely is. Their elephant logo is so much easier to work with than an ass. In honor of the victory, it's time to take the big grey animal out of the kids' room and into the living room.
You can paint a wall Elephant Skin Grey (by Behr)
Use this watering can for plants.
Upgrade your sconce.
Or eat from these jungle-inspired dinner plates.
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