18 December 2010

Santa Waiting in Line for Santa

During the last week of November, midtown New York streets are flooded with Christmas Cheer in the
Annual Parade of Santas.
Volunteers from America's Sidewalk Santas kick off the holiday season walking through Midtown Manhattan during the 108th Annual Parade of Santas in New York.
Here's a shot from the 108th Annual.

Nose Pollution

Can you count all the boogers in Wikileaks founder Julian Assange's nose? It's loaded!
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange pauses as he speaks to the media outside Ellingham Hall, in Norfolk, England.
Assange and his snot were captured during a press junket in Norfolk, England upon his release from jail. Leak some of that, Julian... please!

Best Xmas Present Ever

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev gave the city of Bern, Switzerland these Brown bears Mischa and Mascha. What an awesome gift!
dendroica:  Brown bears Mischa and Mascha, presents from Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to the city of Bern, play in their snow-covered enclosure in the Daehlhoelzli zoo in Bern, Switzerland Picture: EPA (via Pictures of the day: 17 December 2010 - Telegraph)

10 December 2010

Take Note of this Invention

About to be invented: The paragon of recycling- A Smith Corona Antique typewriter turned Waffle Maker.
CoronaMatic Waffle Maker
A student at the School of Visual Arts (Chris Dimino) created this prototype that I hope will be available in stores. Not only does it make use of one of the most brilliantly utilitarian designs, but the waffles come out as keyboards! It's hi-tech and antiquated at the same time. Oh, and Yummy too!

08 December 2010

Space Xmas

Christmas is celebrated around the world. And there is photographic evidence that is celebrated beyond Earth. Here are some intergalactic pics of Aliens capturing the spirit!
Apparently, Santa travels much further in his sleigh than we previously thought.

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