19 December 2013

You'll Shoot Your Eye Out

As the Christmas season snows down around us, some are comforted by warm thoughts of hot cocoa by the fire while others melt with fear that someone might wanna rob them of all the goodies under the tree.  Paranoid preppers will need to protect the pretty wrapped parcels (and their family) and what better way than with a shiny new firearm!

Even if all your gifts are sucky and no one wants to take them, there's always the option of taking down one of Santa's reindeer mid-flight.  How fun!

Anyone that thinks this way would have loved living in decades past when the idea of finding a Gun under the tree was considered yuletide cheer.  Let the self-defense companies cash in.

This ad says it all.  A little Holiday Suicide might sound like a good idea after too much eggnog.  Happy Holidays! 

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