26 November 2008

1,000 Words China

Photographs are strong instruments and if taken correctly, can deem a journalist unnecessary. 1,000 words allows a photo from a current news story to evoke emotion from you without any commentary and lets the visual speak for itself. I welcome you to comment on how it makes you feel.

Henan Province, China November 25, 2008

21 November 2008

Madonna You can Stop Faking the British Accent Now

She's worth, conservatively, $300 million. He, take away a zero. 
They divorce citing his "unreasonable behaviour"(Note to Madonna: teach the kids how to spell when you move back to the States) But, don't get frightened, that's just a quick way to get through the English courts. 
But $300 million! And Guy says he doesn't want one bloody dollar of her money.  
This is upsetting for three  reasons. A) because no one is that stupid B) how does Madonna always seem to find them? And C) the US dollar has gotten some value back, so don't offend us by saying you don't want any!
But, no one is that stupid. And nothing is as it seems in love and war/divorce. So, really, what material goods is Guy Ritchie really getting after spending nearly eight years with the Material Girl? Well, it seems Madonna's gonna dress him up in her love after all. So far, Guy will get: 
  • The Ashcombe House Estate in Wiltshire (the big one in the English countryside) PRICE $18 million
  • 1/2 the value of the 4 properties in London which will probably be sold (including a Kabbalah center) PRICE $12.5 million total
  • Guy's standard of living must be maintained for the sake of the children, woman! PRICELESS
  • Child custody is 50/50, but all security, travel, etc. just hand those receipts to Madge, please (hey Kids, wanna meet in Bali?) PRICELESS
  • A cash settlement in the value amount of their Marylebone, London townhouse because some sweet from her Sticky & Sweet Tour must have stuck PRICE $25 million
  • the Punchbowl Pub in Mayfair PRICE $4 million
Much of this is not on paper causing Ms. Ciccone to utter that those who think her Brit hubby is not taking one American penny are living in "fantasyland". Or maybe they're just "emotionally retarded", Madge. 

The ray of light in all this is that it was quick and not too scandalous and he, Madonna, could have taken you for 1/2 of everything under British law.

Of course, the couple's assets include much more than this and it will take years for them to go through it. But it is good to know that Madonna's not completely screwing the Papa of her children. Or is she? It is in the papers that Guy must read the childrens' books Madonna wrote-"the English Roses" to the child they 'adopted' from Malawi- in Chichewa! You can't win, Guy. 

On a side note, it does seem someone in the fashion world just might be on Ritchie's side
and  is taking a passive aggressive defense out on his X.  It's time to fertilize the Gucci, Madonna.

05 November 2008

Kicking the Opponents' Pantsuits

Barack Obama was elected the 44th President of the United States Tuesday night, marking the beginning of a new era for the country, for the world and for the generations that follow. 
But it also stamps an end to a campaign that thrilled us with its intrigue, its characters, its different take on the issues. And hidden amongst all the political infighting, the backstabbing, the name-calling, the policy switching, there has been an interest in FASHION bigger than any has seen since Jackie O. 

Admit it. However you may admire Hillary, we were oh! so tired of seeing the same old pantsuits climbing up to the podium in different colors day after day. 

Then, Sarah Palin burst on the scene like a Wild Iris. Her sharp fitted suits did not come from DC, No Way! 

She was smartly dressed -even before the makeover. The Japanese designer Kazuo Kawasaki who made her Eyeglasses couldn't keep the $400.00 frames in stock. But, things will probably slow down for him now... 

And chances are we haven't seen the last of Sarah. 
She kept up good pace-even in 4" red heels. She's got plenty of race left in her. 

While her husband was clinching the Democratic nomination, Michelle Obama had been staking her claim in the Style Section of every major glossy. 

Her Mario Pinta purple sheath dress with the Azzedine Alaia belt screamed-in a
classic American way- how sure she was that her husband was going all the way to the White House and she would look good right beside him.

Michelle's fashion tips drove American moms wild, admitting to Jay Leno that she catalogs it at J.Crew- making them feel that it was ok that they were doing it too.

But Michelle O really shocked and awed 'em when she went on The View wearing a $148 dress!  
The Donna Ricco black & white print became an overnight sellout and the price tag she was later commended for especially when... well, you know all about Sarah Palin's Receiptgate.

Michelle Obama topped Vanity Fair's Best Dressed of 2008- proving you do not need to expense $150,000 worth of Neiman Marcus receipts to Kick the Opponents' Pantsuits!

As always, celebrities need to get in the act. Elizabeth Hasselbeck, Sarah Palin's new BFF and Aspiring Project Runway Reject designed a "Great Ameri-McCain Hero" t-shirt that she wore on The View.  

Yet even more stars were billboards for the winning team. 
Halle Berry, Beyonce and Alicia Keys all sported Barack T's.

And Fashion Designers seamed some Couture for Change.
 Vera Wang, Zac Posen, Tracy Reese, Derek Lam, Marc Jacobs, Proenza Schouler and others designed merch for the official Obama
website. Like this
Russell Simmons t-shirt 
and Marc Jacobs tote. Too bad Joe the Plumber isn't creative. 

So whatever lies ahead politically, I have a feeling it will be fashion forward for the next four years!

04 November 2008

Designs on the White House

Whomever America chooses this election day, many choices await our new leader.  And you can be sure that as well as throwing away some eight-year old Political Policies, there will also be several changes made to the decor of their new home.

Whether renovating the White House is up to Michelle or Cindy, quite a few alterations will be necessary to remove the decorating ghosts of George W. and Laura.  

So what might be the new home style for the Presidential digs if the Obamas move in? Judging from Barack's Go Green Initiatives, we could expect more environmentally-friendly fabric with the rugs, linens and drapery they pick. But most of the recent restoration may surprisingly stay the same. 
Laura Bush made sure her designer's renovations kept the rooms historically accurate. And that is important to the Obamas as well. 
One historical inaccuracy that Mrs. Bush overlooked but the Obama's haven't? The flat-screen TV in the Lincoln Bedroom. According to them, it's gotta go.

As one would expect from such a Maverick-y pair, if the McCain's set up camp in the White House, things would probably change more radically. We could expect a lot more of that Southern McCain Charm

As you can see from these photos, the style that Cindy chose to do up one of their "uncertain number" of homes can be described as only Country on OxyContin. Lots of down-home frills, store-bought home-made quilts, cutesy pillows, and heart-shaped anything.  
Forget about pertaining to history or colors that were true to the era
of the architecture, but expect art that was hand-drawn and sewn and stuffed with lots of gingham and pillow ticking.

Hmm... if we only knew this before we casted our votes maybe we wouldn't have had so many undecided voters!

03 November 2008

Star-Sign Posts to the White House

Tomorrow decides it all. After months of tireless campaigning from all four candidates- the hundreds of speeches, uncountable television appearances, town hall meetings, TV ads, Saturday Night Live skits, Daily Show Interviews, embedded journalist ejections, and debates, there's nothing left that the candidates can do. Any undecided voters left will have to pull a lever in the booth at random if a braincell doesn't sprout up overnight.  

So John, Barack, Joe and Sarah, your future is in the stars. The only thing left  to do is lie back, put your feet up and know that you all have run a great race. No one knows what lies ahead for you tomorrow... or do they? 

For those of you that may be a bit superstitious, I have collected the horoscopes of the Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidates for tomorrow Tuesday November 4, 2008. Read in them what you will, I have not altered them from what they predict for the common man and do not forget to vote! 

Sarah Palin: Aquarius

You should try to tie up loose ends as soon as possible because the stress will increase throughout the day, making it difficult for you to concentrate. You may need to address the conflicting agendas of your head and your heart and schedule some play time for later in the day.

John McCain:  Virgo

You must tread carefully as Mercury's entry into Scorpio is making you overly sure of yourself while Mars enables cloudy thinking. Surprisingly, you aren't willing to analyze things to the extreme today.    

Joseph Biden: Scorpio

It may be harder for you to discern facts from a developing story. Although your patience has reached its limit, it still might not be the smart idea to make a long-term decision until you contemplate your choices in a more subjective light. 

Barack Obama: Leo

It's hard for you to face all the information that comes your way today because you prefer to rely on logic rather than direct experience. The data will pile up as you figure out what to do with it. Keep in mind that acting too quickly could create a whole new set of problems. You need to have a workable strategy in place first. 
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