04 November 2008

Designs on the White House

Whomever America chooses this election day, many choices await our new leader.  And you can be sure that as well as throwing away some eight-year old Political Policies, there will also be several changes made to the decor of their new home.

Whether renovating the White House is up to Michelle or Cindy, quite a few alterations will be necessary to remove the decorating ghosts of George W. and Laura.  

So what might be the new home style for the Presidential digs if the Obamas move in? Judging from Barack's Go Green Initiatives, we could expect more environmentally-friendly fabric with the rugs, linens and drapery they pick. But most of the recent restoration may surprisingly stay the same. 
Laura Bush made sure her designer's renovations kept the rooms historically accurate. And that is important to the Obamas as well. 
One historical inaccuracy that Mrs. Bush overlooked but the Obama's haven't? The flat-screen TV in the Lincoln Bedroom. According to them, it's gotta go.

As one would expect from such a Maverick-y pair, if the McCain's set up camp in the White House, things would probably change more radically. We could expect a lot more of that Southern McCain Charm

As you can see from these photos, the style that Cindy chose to do up one of their "uncertain number" of homes can be described as only Country on OxyContin. Lots of down-home frills, store-bought home-made quilts, cutesy pillows, and heart-shaped anything.  
Forget about pertaining to history or colors that were true to the era
of the architecture, but expect art that was hand-drawn and sewn and stuffed with lots of gingham and pillow ticking.

Hmm... if we only knew this before we casted our votes maybe we wouldn't have had so many undecided voters!

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