03 November 2008

Star-Sign Posts to the White House

Tomorrow decides it all. After months of tireless campaigning from all four candidates- the hundreds of speeches, uncountable television appearances, town hall meetings, TV ads, Saturday Night Live skits, Daily Show Interviews, embedded journalist ejections, and debates, there's nothing left that the candidates can do. Any undecided voters left will have to pull a lever in the booth at random if a braincell doesn't sprout up overnight.  

So John, Barack, Joe and Sarah, your future is in the stars. The only thing left  to do is lie back, put your feet up and know that you all have run a great race. No one knows what lies ahead for you tomorrow... or do they? 

For those of you that may be a bit superstitious, I have collected the horoscopes of the Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidates for tomorrow Tuesday November 4, 2008. Read in them what you will, I have not altered them from what they predict for the common man and do not forget to vote! 

Sarah Palin: Aquarius

You should try to tie up loose ends as soon as possible because the stress will increase throughout the day, making it difficult for you to concentrate. You may need to address the conflicting agendas of your head and your heart and schedule some play time for later in the day.

John McCain:  Virgo

You must tread carefully as Mercury's entry into Scorpio is making you overly sure of yourself while Mars enables cloudy thinking. Surprisingly, you aren't willing to analyze things to the extreme today.    

Joseph Biden: Scorpio

It may be harder for you to discern facts from a developing story. Although your patience has reached its limit, it still might not be the smart idea to make a long-term decision until you contemplate your choices in a more subjective light. 

Barack Obama: Leo

It's hard for you to face all the information that comes your way today because you prefer to rely on logic rather than direct experience. The data will pile up as you figure out what to do with it. Keep in mind that acting too quickly could create a whole new set of problems. You need to have a workable strategy in place first. 

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