21 April 2009

Conserve or Be Stabbed

We've all heard the tragic warnings from environmentalists about over-using our finite resources before we destroy our planet and all life on it. Yet many people still have not changed their wasteful ways. If you know someone who is selfishly burning our supplies, this just might wake them up to the detriments of their behavior.  
This shower curtain allows you just a few minutes to take a shower before it inflates into a Wall of Spikes- literally pushing you out of the bath. 

Designed by French artist Elisabeth Buecher who calls her method "design by pain and for our own good", this shower curtain is used to curb our limits.  I believe it is a good way to show us the evil in our ways of that we may not be aware.
I do not know how much time you have to soap up and rinse before the final curtain call, or if anyone would actually purchase this to push them into conserving.  But I do appreciate Buecher taking a stab at influencing us positively through brute force.
Here are photos of the curtain in pre-stages of shower...

..and in full stabbing force.

If you think this may be too extreme to give as a gift to the Wasteful One in your life, remember the pain they will feel is nothing compared to that they are causing.

To see more of Buescher's and other conscious artists' designs go to the blog  TextilesFutures.co.uk

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