28 July 2009

You Spin Me Round Round: Restyling Vinyl

We're all about recycling our vinyl and in the last post I found some ideas of what to do with the album covers. The actual records inside can be put to recycled use as well.

1. You could cut out the label center, laminate them and used as coasters.
2. Or paint the whole record and attach together for wall art...
.. or a room divider

24 July 2009

For the Record: Reuse and Recycle your Albums

All your music is digital and easily contained on your iPod or hard drive. So what to do with the miles of vinyl now that it faces extinction? Here are some cool ideas I found to recycle all those old LP's.  

1. Make a coffee table out of the Album Covers. 
Gorilla Glue some empty covers together -very straight. (As many as you want depending on the size of the table you desire.) Then coat with resin to protect it and add legs or casters.  

2. Use them as wall organizers for your paper or mail. 
 Just cut out a half-moon shape out on one side of the top opening and mount to wall with a foam mounting square. 

What to do with the vinyl insides...  coming up!   

21 July 2009

Where's PETA When You Need Them???

In March of this year designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac sent dead Muppets down the runway. His vision went way beyond Muppet-"inspired" to actually putting freaking dead Muppets on clothes.  
But no one really gave it much thought. That's what's expected of eccentric artists. However, what is totally bizarre is when someone- a real person- actually wears those purposed-for-shock-value-only clothing.  

The walking fashion faux-pas known as Lady Ga-Ga did just that.  She appeared on German Television in that Kermit the Frog Roadkill dress.
Beyond the obvious questions to her style sense and sanity, it is puzzling why the entertainer chose Germany to flaunt her fashion "don't".  Germany was the first European nation to amend its constitution to guarantee animal rights in 2002.  Wouldn't that protection pertain to frogs? 

It seems Kermit may have bigger problems these days than just being Green. 

14 July 2009

Ashton Kutcher: Best Buy's Best Employee?

According to executives at  electronic Superstore Best Buy, their ideal Senior Marketing Executive would be Ashton Kutcher.  The company posted an ad for a Sr. Manager- Emerging Media Marketing with requirements including:
"a Bachelors degree, two years of mobile or social media marketing experience, four·years people or resource leadership experience and one year of active blogging experience. The ideal candidate would have to have at least 250 followers on Twitter."
"Punk'd" should cover Ashton's qualifications for resource leadership however he may need to go back to the U of Iowa and actually get that degree in biochemical engineering he was studying for.  

But being he was the first ever to claim more than a million Twitter followers should jump him to the top of the Best Buy Interview line. 

I am sure Best Buy feels they are at the cutting edge of social networking technology by requiring this inane trait in future employees. But it is scary that a company would give any credit to the annoying Twitter-azzi that feel that their "Tweets" are important and people actually care for the daily nose-picking updates. 

And if this marketing ploy is to get super sales information out quickly to their eager Consumers, wouldn't Best Buy be better off just setting up their own Twitter feed- setting all the blackberries they sell up with their Twitter account receiving? I am sure a store that size could do better than 250 followers. 

Hey, Why didn't one of their marketing guys already think of that? Maybe they really do need Ashton. 

08 July 2009

The G8: Can We Bear It?

The leaders of the United States, Germany, Japan, France, Britain, Italy, Canada and Russia convened in Italy today to begin the G8 Summit. They will undoubtedly focus on the economy.  But to make sure other issues are addressed, common people are there to protest and have their concerns seen by those most powerful. 
Greenpeace wants to ensure the climate issue gets its fair time in the talks and has organized a cheeky way to get their point across.  
They have peppered, er... salted, the streets of L'Aquila Italy  with Polar bears. 
These 'Homeless' bears bear signs that read "My home has melted" "I've lost my home because of Global Warming" and "I'm a Climate Refugee" .
Go Bears!   
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