21 July 2009

Where's PETA When You Need Them???

In March of this year designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac sent dead Muppets down the runway. His vision went way beyond Muppet-"inspired" to actually putting freaking dead Muppets on clothes.  
But no one really gave it much thought. That's what's expected of eccentric artists. However, what is totally bizarre is when someone- a real person- actually wears those purposed-for-shock-value-only clothing.  

The walking fashion faux-pas known as Lady Ga-Ga did just that.  She appeared on German Television in that Kermit the Frog Roadkill dress.
Beyond the obvious questions to her style sense and sanity, it is puzzling why the entertainer chose Germany to flaunt her fashion "don't".  Germany was the first European nation to amend its constitution to guarantee animal rights in 2002.  Wouldn't that protection pertain to frogs? 

It seems Kermit may have bigger problems these days than just being Green. 

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