23 December 2009

Skiing Kills Fashion

It appears the more we ski, the less attention we pay to how we look. Maybe we've been looking to Europe for too long. Slipping down the style-challenged slope for decades, we have taken our cues from Euro riche fluorescent-loving skiiers instead of stamping the sport in our own style. Burton snowboard wearers aside, the ski population still looks like they're stuck in a fashion snowbank. Even Kate Moss can't make the classic one-piece and clunky boots look cool.
Until the ski fashion industry starts looking forward, lets look at the Past Fashion Wipeouts on the Piste.
No decade is more glaringly out of style than the 80's. And those on the slope brought with them the bright colors and headbands worn on flat land.
The 1970's popularized the one-piece ski suit. The brighter the better.
Emilio Pucci made his name creating one of the few fashion-conscious ski outfits for the modern woman of the 1950s. This outfit was photographed for Harpers Bazaar. Good attempt Emilio!

More skiiers in the 1950s. The last stylish decade on the slopes in my opinion.
The 1940's may look good but doesn't look very warm. There is a sacrifice with fashion, the question is, are we ready for to go back to it?

11 December 2009

The Deportation of Panda

China is hands-down the largest exporter of inferior products- like electronic equipment that breaks after a few uses, harmfully tainted pharmaceuticals and dangerous plastic toys. Yet Americans have practically single-handedly driven its economy to stardom by buying these hazardous products, gleefully ignoring any risks to their children's or own safety. We bought so much substandard Chinese crap that we are now threatened by China's global economic dominance. It may be too late for the US to fight that economic battle but another war wages on. It concerns China's regulations on deportation. Deportation of American Pandas.
Next month, a young Panda (Tai Shan) will be forced to leave his home at Washington's National Zoo and head back to China for breeding. There are only 14 pandas here in the US, all of them on loan from China. Under its agreements with the zoos, China lends panda pairs for breeding and conservation research. Any cubs those pandas produce are then property of China and must become part of the country's breeding program. That means they are deported back to China, never to be returned or enjoyed by young, bratty American zoo-goers again.

Tai Shan was born in 2005 and was granted a two-year extension in 2007. Tai Shan's parents' loan period is will be reached in December 2010 when they too will face deportation. But it doesn't stop there, Panda cubs living in zoos in Atlanta and San Diego are also destined to be ripped from their homes and sent back East- just like little Elian Gonzalez was forced back to Cuba in 2000.

This smells like China's most egregious and unfair trade agreement yet! Their shady commerce practices have for too long restrained us and allowed them to grow exponentially. They have surpassed us in car-buying; they are the 3rd largest market for luxury goods; they are hot on our heels as the world's largest online game market. So why does China need to corner the market on yet another product- one so cute as the Panda?

Americans should fight for their right to keep the Pandas that we produce here in the United States. We cannot allow them to be deported back, giving China the satisfaction of dominating us in yet another category, even if it is best way to protect these bears from extinction. Plus, if China continues to paw at all our bears, eventually we may be forced to get passports and travel outside the U.S. to see these cuddly diplomats.

The photo to the right is not of Tai Shan but was the cutest photo I could find on the internet. He probably already lives in China but we should have him.

08 December 2009

Alice Does Bergdorf's

Forget Wonderland, Alice chose to spend her Christmas 2009 at Bergdorf Goodman's. The enchanting displays will cause temporary amnesia from all apocalyptic thoughts of the economy. There are sequins and fringe and all out glamour.

Here is 'Alice' in a dazzling dress with a unicorn and lion made of crystal. Look closely at the bottom right corner- there's a silver-plated lobster.
Hedged- manicured horses dance with a hipper "Alice".
Ostriches. Dressed in Tartan. Playing bagpipes. Carrying red Chinese architecture- inspired Bird cages with Cockatoos. Beat that.
Whit and Black Crystal-faced polar bears. Their bodies are made entirely of flapper-dress fringe. The detail is scary in the most beautiful way.
My personal favorite. A squirrel rides his bike into the Wonderland across a Chess board toward the playing card people (hard to see in the photo - sorry it was taken with my cellphone. )
Across the street at Bergdorf Goodman's Mens is an homage to the Fantastic Mr Fox film/ Roald Dahl book. See a slidehow at http://manhattan.about.com/od/citylife1/ig/Bergdorf-Goodman-Xmas-Windows/200911_d7h03874_bergdorf_w15.htm

04 December 2009

A Smashing Year

The year is (fortunately) coming to an end. If anything, it will be known as the "Year of the Crash" for all the depressing events we endured. Here are my Burning Fierce Top 5 CRASH stories of 2009.

1. the U.S. Economy
Gone (for now) are the mind-blowing profits and Dow Highs that made us fat and comfortable. The bursting bubble of our real estate market created a domino effect that sunk the value of our dollar and watched employment plummet.

2. The White House Party Crashers.
They dropped themselves straight into a reality show guaranteed to have very few viewers. This story would have been better if the imaginary child in the balloon had crashed through the ceiling.

3. Taylor Swift being Kanye'd at the Video Music Awards.
Mr. West is a Stage crasher of the worst kind. The award for biggest D-Bag goes to....

4. Tiger Woods' Wife's Golf Club Crashing into his Car (after Tiger Crashed it into a tree). A double crash! However deserved, the negative publicity isn't worth the reported $80 million she may receive to stay in the marriage. Then again the $80 million does explain how such a boring man can lure so many women into performing "indiscretions" with him.

5. the Hannah Montana Doll Drops the f-Bomb. Kids' eardrums are blistering with the way some Moms think her doll pronounces the word 'Pumpkin' in song. Please note, this is only some Moms- those that never swear when their little angels forget to pick up their toys or smear diaper filling on the walls, of course.
We can only hope these moms crash from their meth highs next year.

And let's hope 2010 will bring some "Up's"-and I'm not talking film titles. I think we all deserve some.

02 December 2009

Wrapped and Ready

Even before I start stomping through the shops in search of Christmas presents for my friends and family, I think about how I will package the gifts. It is all in the presentation after all. I found some wrapping papers that will make any gift stand out under the tree.
Let Space Invaders conquer your gift wrapping dilemma.$5 a roll at Uncrate.com.

Paper-source.com has so many cool papers like this reindeer print.

They like their pixels in the UK. How cool is this paper? Lagomdesign.co.uk

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