23 December 2009

Skiing Kills Fashion

It appears the more we ski, the less attention we pay to how we look. Maybe we've been looking to Europe for too long. Slipping down the style-challenged slope for decades, we have taken our cues from Euro riche fluorescent-loving skiiers instead of stamping the sport in our own style. Burton snowboard wearers aside, the ski population still looks like they're stuck in a fashion snowbank. Even Kate Moss can't make the classic one-piece and clunky boots look cool.
Until the ski fashion industry starts looking forward, lets look at the Past Fashion Wipeouts on the Piste.
No decade is more glaringly out of style than the 80's. And those on the slope brought with them the bright colors and headbands worn on flat land.
The 1970's popularized the one-piece ski suit. The brighter the better.
Emilio Pucci made his name creating one of the few fashion-conscious ski outfits for the modern woman of the 1950s. This outfit was photographed for Harpers Bazaar. Good attempt Emilio!

More skiiers in the 1950s. The last stylish decade on the slopes in my opinion.
The 1940's may look good but doesn't look very warm. There is a sacrifice with fashion, the question is, are we ready for to go back to it?

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