02 March 2015

Design on A Macadamia Nut-Sized Budget (in Hawai'i!)

For our honeymoon, my husband and I came to Hawai'i and our love for Big Island began. The black lava-rocked land being kissed by seas of dark turquoise as it tumbled ashore whitewashed slabs of driftwood, mesmerized us with its stark comment on color.
Traveling away from the shores, the sweet scent of molasses grass and the delectable scent of coffee cherries roasting enticed us to Captain Cook, the agricultural area of the island.
Away from the touristy strip, Captain Cook, with its rustic potpourri of untamed macadamia nut, coffee, avocado and mango farms is where we would spend our time off. Glimpsing a pack of wild piglets, playing frogger with mongoose crossing the road, searching for wild goats amidst the fields of lava and listening to the symphony of exotic birds and coqui frogs replaced the urban sights of New York City for two restful weeks a year.

Fifteen years of annual pilgrimages back to the island later, we found our dream-- a three bedroom two bath house with a super-sized lanai nestled on 9 acres of macadamia nut trees!

We didn't think twice about packing our stuff up in Brooklyn and making the movie to Big Island, Hawai'i. It definitely was a massive culture shock to leave the hipster urban streets filled with trendy coffee shops for the chill ultra-casual farming community, but as "the only way to make a sense of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance." (-Alan Watts, philosopher) that's just what we did.
So, stranded in paradise with no Ikea in sight, we must now face the challenge of furnishing the farmhouse on a macadamia nut-sized budget using only thrift stores, craigslist, antique shops and garage sales. 

Game On, or "e hele kāua" as they say on the Island!

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