09 September 2018

Listen Up!

Nietzsche was right, "Without music life would be a mistake."

And so would an interior design plan that left out a listening room that allows you to escape into your vinyl-scented nostalgia of long-saved and treasured LPs.

As unique as your taste in music may be, however, a true listening room that will deliver the best soundwaves your way should be set up by a set audiophile's blueprint. These design rules may make the punk inside you pull out all your tongue piercings in protest, but will make for a better listening experience.

First, think of you and your speakers as one, with your favorite listening chair the tip of an equilateral triangle, with yourself, the left and right speakers as close to equal distance apart as possible. The tip of said triangle is straight between your ears-- so position the speakers at ear level, away from walls a little.

If, like Steven Tyler, you believe "everything worth doing is worth overdoing" and you bought seven speakers for a surround sound, then just build two triangles in front (the main speakers) and behind you, the two smaller speakers at your sides and the center speaker straight out on front of you.

Before you put the needle to the record, add some spikes on the bottom of speakers-- they will decouple the sound from the floor to minimize the bass rattle.

You never ever have to sacrifice good design for great sound, and should let your style vibes run wild and crazy and barefoot and free in this hedonistic room because a minimalist approach won't be best for sound quality.

I'm not saying you have to add a little country to your rock n' roll, but a few rugs or cork flooring  and a cushy sofa will help the way the music travels around the room, 

"The only truth is music”, said Jack Kerouac but we know we need a little more glam in our rock to design a perfect room.

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